Stephanie Baukus

I started practicing yoga at ELHY in 2012 and knew almost immediately that the practice would be life-changing. I was halfway through medical school and while I had successfully made it through much of the rigorous coursework and was doing well in my clinical rotations, my life was completely chaotic. After just a few visits to the studio, I realized a completely unique sense of peace that I carried with me off my mat. I started to make healthier choices with regard to nourishing my body, finding movement, taking rest, and connecting with the people and the world around me.

In addition to yoga, I practice as an Internal Medicine physician. I find more and more that my two practices are intertwined. My background in medicine offers an analytical perspective to physical aspect of my yoga practice, while my yoga practice encourages me to take a holistic approach to health, recognizing that the often intangible facets of mental and spiritual health are invaluable to overall wellness.

Yoga challenges me to cultivate and express physical, mental, and emotional strength, clarity, creativity in a way that nothing else does. Yoga is whatever I need it to be — yoga allows me to recharge when I am exhausted, and to unwind when I am restless; yoga surrounds me with light and love, and allows me space to breathe; yoga makes everything better, and helps me to accept things as they are.

After completing my 200-hour RYT in 2014, I found a completely new way to share the practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to hold space for the incredible people in this community.