Sivananda Style Workshop

When: 4/14/19 @ 11:00AM – 12:30PM

Where: Firefly Hot Yoga Bar – 118 S Washington Sq, Suite C

Those who attend will be guided through various pranayama breathwork as a way of building and releasing energy. We will explore Kapalabhati breath and anuloma viloma breath together. Following the building and balancing of energy through the breath we will proceed to movement.
This class will explore traditional Hatha yoga, we will spend several breaths in the poses to notice the engagements and releases that are happening within the body. It will conclude with a wonderful savasana.

Key takeaways or goals of workshop:

  • Understanding ways to build and release energy through movement, breath, and meditation.
  • Learning about the role of hatha (Sivananda style) yoga in history.
Level of workshop or who is encouraged to come: everyone is welcome to attend!

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