Online Classes

Support East Lansing Hot Yoga during COVID-19 - We appreciate all of your love and support!

As of 3/25/20, we are moving over to Namastream. We will continue to host LIVE classes, but those classes will then become available for viewing whenever it’s convenient for you. Aside from the perk of having a whole library of classes to choose from, this move will also streamline the process of joining live virtual classes – read: no more signing up through MindBody and waiting on an email to join – you will simply login to your Namastream account and click on the class and get right in.

The full impact to our economy is unknown at this time. Our teachers are already experiencing the financial strain of this (as are many of you). but we are doing our best to weather this storm. As of 4/20/2020 all unlimited or auto-pay membership will currently be put on hold until reopening of our physical locations. If you choose to use your package for online library and LIVE classes simply email us at [email protected] to receive your code. If not, you can sign-up directly on Namastream, or if you’d like to help support us during this time we also have gift cards available for future use. All funds from Namastream and gift cards will be used to pay teachers and studio rent/utilities while we are closed.

How it Works:

As of 4/20/2020 – All current auto-pay and unlimited package holders memberships have been put on pause until we reopen at a later date.

The current viewing options:

– Purchase an online monthly subscription with unlimited access to all our live and recorded classes for $30 a month.

– Purchase a drop in LIVE class for $10

If you are a current package holder and would like to use your membership instead – email us at [email protected] to receive to your personalized code.

How to Sign Up:

Begin by visiting our Namastream site and create an account.

If you have an existing MI Hot Yoga auto-pay or unlimited monthly package and wish to use your package – email us for your code [email protected].

For those without an unlimited package at MI Hot Yoga – you are able to receive complete access to the monthly subscription for $30 (Live Classes and Recorded Library (Unlimited) or able to drop in to a LIVE community class for $10

Create a Namastream Account Now!

How to Redeem the Coupon Code:

If you are an unlimited member, use your code requested by email to purchase the $30 subscription for the month. The coupon will comp the price. (*Please note you don’t need to enter your credit card info – if you are using your phone instead of a desktop or tablet you will need to scroll down to where you can enter the code and then scroll back up and select “register product”).

How to join a LIVE virtual class:

Once you sign in to your Namastream account, click on the box that says “Live Drop In”

In the top right corner, click on the “Events” tab.

The Events page displays all upcoming live classes. Scroll down to find the class you want. Classes will be greyed out until the teacher opens the session (about 10-15 minutes prior to class start time) when they become orange you are able to click “Join Session” to enter the virtual studio room.

Please note: With collaborative sessions; You will be able to see and hear us. We will also be able to see you to bring a more real life experience. If at anytime you have any questions for the instructor, please unmute yourself or use the chat feature. 

How to Access Recorded Classes (the Library):

Once you sign in to your Namastream account, click on the box that says “Recorded Library (Unlimited)”

Click the “Content” tab and select your class and view.

So, do take some time to check out our library, and maybe consider trying some classes and instructors that are out of your “normal” schedule. We will continue to add to this site monthly. We’d love to hear your input as far as future content, so feel free to email us your ideas at [email protected]

Tips for a home practice

We realize that there is no comparison to being in a live class at the studio, but we’ve got some tips to make it a little better while we are all at home:


       Prepare your space

    • Try to remove excess clutter and maybe bring in some candles, essential oils (diffuser if you have one), or incense etc.
    • If you’ve got blankets, bolsters, blocks, or other props that you use.
    • Turn off your phone
    • If you prefer music, find something you like or go to our Spotify page to see if there is playlist for the class you are doing.


Stay safe out there! Feel free to email or call if you need help!

Tutorial on how to sign up for Namastream