Kendall McDougall

I took my first yoga class in 2004 and started teaching as an assistant in 2006.   The practice of yoga has been a powerful influence in my life as an internal guide to mindfulness and stillness.  I teach to share what yoga can do by opening paths for each individual that comes to their mat.  Yoga is and can be no more than finding and practicing Ujjayi breathing to calm the mind and heart.  Joining breath with the asana or physical postures allows for intentional and mindful movement.  With this practice you can let go of unneeded emotional baggage and fears finding your individual growth and strength.

I primarily teach Vinyasa style flowing classes because it allows a creativity of individual expressive movement for our bodies to explore.  The varied sequencing, connecting breath and posture allows wave like motion and helps change our typical patterns of movement bringing new and ever changing awareness to the body and mind as they join in union.  I also love teaching basic yoga postures for individual alignment and slow burn classes.

My most inspirational teachers have been my students.  Yoga teachers that have influenced me: Jonny Kest, Tommy Mack, Justin Barnes, Kelli McMullen, Brian Kest, Vinnie Marino, Beryl Bender Birch, Richard Freeman, Doug Swenson, Mose Love and so many others.