Kathy Reddington

I have been actively teaching yoga for 12 years, and active in 12 Step Recovery Program for over 25 years. That is what brought me to the Y12SR Intensive and Teacher Certification Program.

I am a former Artist/Teacher of 26 years, a former Martial Arts competitor of 19 years, and a Yoga instructor. My Yoga has given me the gift of mindfulness and grace –my program – the gift of life.

I always felt that there was a true parallel and connection between the ancient wisdom Yoga and the Tools of the 12 Step Programs. Both healing and restorative Yoga will reawaken the spirit – and reconnect the disconnection that happens as a result of the dis-ease of addiction. It has been my mission to take the Y12SR Program into the long term residential treatment centers, and Yoga studios – I want and to give back to the community the gift of hope and strength that I have been given as a result of my recovery.

Presently, I teach Y12SR classes weekly through National Council on Alcoholism. The target populations are the men residing at the Holden House, and the women residing at the Glass House. I’ve taught at Center for Yoga Sanctuary, Yoga State, Hilltop Yoga, State of Fitness – I’m certified by Hilaire Lockwood and Brian Kest, and I apprenticed with Ruth Fisk and Nickki Meyers (Y12SR). I am a registered ERTY with Yoga Alliance.