Josh Gramm

My full time day job is being a paramedic, so it goes without saying that that affects my personal life as well. Strange sleep schedule, bad eating habits, and minimal time to work out, are just a few. In the winter of 2013, yoga found me (via Groupon and a friend), and I have been hooked on our studios ever since. For 3 years I practiced as often as my schedule would allow, quickly becoming addicted to the heat. Spring of 2017 found me in my first Teacher Training, hoping to deepen my practice and begin to share my journey with others. Now, here I am, ready to help you as best I can, just as yoga helped me to reconnect to myself.

While in my class, expect to feel things; connections, energy, breath, and fun flowing movement. My job is to help you find your edge; that perfect balance between pain and discomfort, injury and workout, too far and not enough. Once we find that space, then the fun begins! Improvement does not come without practice and challenge, and it’s up to me to help you push that edge, to dance along it, and feel all the wonderful emotions that come with expanding your edge to new horizons! Join me on the mat yogis, and prepare for an experience of the body and mind that will leave your emotions in a whirlwind, yet still wanting more.