JoJo Campos

My journey with yoga began around 5 years ago. It is a deep one. I don’t feel like I found yoga, I truly feel it found me. Yoga has taught me to manage my own mind and body, and to lead a healthier and authentic lifestyle. I decided to go into teaching after seeing what yoga has done for me, how it has helped me to gain strength, not just physically but mentally. I went through yoga teacher training over the past year becoming certified as a 200RYT, 500RYT, and Thai yoga massage therapist.

The most difficult thing about yoga is starting; but if you keep going, you’ll realize that one of the most amazing parts of yoga is that it is a journey. If I can help one person feel the benefits the way I have, then it’s all worth it. My advice, is don’t take yoga too seriously. The practice is yours, so enjoy it!