Jen Muffett

I started doing barre in 2015 and became a barre junkie right away. It’s only one hour but your body works so hard in that short period. The way that I learned barre is the way that I teach it. Arms, legs, seat and abs. In class we will dig in and challenge your body in ways you never thought possible. Your body is so much stronger than your mind and I will remind you of that every time. My class will be one hour that is all about you. You won’t think about anything else because you will be too busy focusing on your body. And that’s the way it should be. I have three small children that keep me on my toes so the barre is the perfect place for me. I’m no ballerina but I’ll dance with you at the barre! Come on in, crank the music up and have a good time with me.

Fun Facts

Motto? Fake it until you make it
Can’t resist…..Taco Bell
Nickname? Huffy Muffy (given to me by my high school students)
Highlights? My man and 3 babes: )
Hope to be…..Owning the soccer mom role because this mom of 3 thing is no joke!