Janine Runyon

I have tried so many different types of exercise regimens, I have lost count. All these different exercise programs make promises, but few deliver. My husband was also looking for some kind of exercise that was low impact, but could still include a good cardio workout. He happened to discover yoga and encouraged me to go. Now, a year and a half later I am a yoga instructor.Yoga makes no promises. It is about what you put into it. It is the practice you decide it is. No matter what you bring the studio on any given day, there is always a benefit. Some days it’s not about the exercise. Some days its about creating time for introspection. Some days it’s about doing something good, just for you with no guilt or attachments. Just create breathing time. Other days it’s about just wanting to be around a group of caring, sincere people who just want to have a like experience. No matter what brings you to the studio you will always find love and encouragement. No exercise program can do that. I look forward to seeing you at the studio. Namaste!

Love Janine’s classes?
You can also catch her on Sunday’s at Mo’s Sweatshop in Grand Ledge for a Beginner’s yoga class starting at 5:15 and it runs for 60m.