Intro to Aerial Series

When: 6/19/29 – 7/17/19 (no class on 7/3/19) @ 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Where: Firefly Hot Yoga Bar

This aerial series will take place over the course of 4 weeks. We will start from the beginning and create a space where all students will feel safe and secure in the aerial swings. This series will be more like an interactive lab where we start with safety and rigging and then go right into introducing basic postures and then build up to more complex ones. Each week will build from the last, creating a progressive class series where at the end you will feel confident and secure in moving through a number of poses from hearing the instructor call them out.

This series is designed to ease you into the aerial yoga postures leaving you feeling comfortable and confident in the swing. This class will create strength, encourage releases, and challenge you to find places you might not have considered before.

*No yoga or aerial experience needed, this class is perfect for the complete beginner!

This is open to ages 12 and up!

Come experience all the benefits of turning your practice upside down:

  • Spinal Traction: relieve back pain by naturally “hanging” upside down from your hips
  • Core Strength: build functional core strength naturally in dozens of dynamic and fun postures
  • Builds Grip Strength / Upper Body Strength: take care of your hands, wrist, elbows and shoulders through safe and challenging strength postures
  • Flexibility: practice deep, passive backbends, splits, and hip openers in ways otherwise impossible to do on the mat.

Posterior Chain Strength: your spine is largely supported by the muscles along the backside of your body, and using the swing you can strengthen and balance these muscles.

Full series – $100

Can’t make it to all four? Drop in for $30, if spots available.

If you have questions, please call Abbey 517-574-8847 or email [email protected]

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