Hannah Burleson

…Hi Everyone!

My Name is Hannah, I’m one of the Barre Instructors. The thing I love most about Barre is the way one’s body responds to the barre movements. Barre helps to shape and tone core muscles such as arms, ab’s, thigh’s, and glutes. You will be amazed at the amount of work your body can achieve in a short period of time. In  the summer of 2016 I decided I wasn’t happy and needed a change. I went on a weight loss journey and started going to FIREFLY for the Hot Yoga but wasn’t sure if I wanted to join until I took my first Barre class. Since joining I have lost 40 pounds from doing Barre and Yoga. It has changed me for the better. In my class we challenge our bodies, we sweat, and we will always do it with a smile! Will this class be worth it? Absolutely. Barre has changed my life and I know it will change yours. I can’t wait to see you!