Danielle Krawczyk

As a recent graduate from the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at MI Hot Yoga Studios, yoga has been my mode of healing for many years. I practiced my first hot yoga class in 2013, and in fact vowed I would never try it again. It was challenging me in ways I hadn’t expected. But like the yogic principle of Tapas, I stayed through the fire for the blessing. I have seen the magic of the practice cure addiction, mend broken bodies and hearts, and bring unity to the lost and the lonely. My passion of sharing yoga branches from its healing roots. Aside from yoga, my life is often filled with music or art festivals, exploring nature, and caring for animals. After nearly five years working with the humane society, I have discovered the unfathomable compassion of both people and animals, and truly believe in the karmic journey. I want to help others open the doorway to new challenges, vulnerability, and love through yoga, so that we may take what we have learned from ourselves and others off the mat and into life every day. Whether it’s your first time or your thousandth, whether you’re looking for a physical workout or just need to find peace in the stillness, let the practice ignite something inside you that connects us all.♡