D Marie Coggins

As cliché as it may sound, for me yoga truly is about the mind/body connection. When I roll out my mat it is my safe space to be totally honest with myself; to acknowledge all of me—the good, the bad, the eccentric, and the totally screwed up. My yoga practice has helped (more like forced) me to get real with myself. As scary and frustrating as that has been sometimes I wouldn’t change it for anything. When I step onto my mat I somehow feel empowered to face my own truths, to challenge and change my ‘flaws’, and to look my fears and insecurities in the eye. When I step off my mat I take with me a sense of calm, peace, and self-love. It’s not that I no longer have flaws and walk thru life perfectly balanced and confident; it’s more that I don’t approach my flaws from a mind of judgement and criticism. Those flaws become opportunities to challenge myself and to grow.