Claire Patterson

Like all good things in life, yoga found me when I most needed it. My relationship with yoga be-gan during a deeply tumultuous time nearly 15 years ago – a time where my soul was calling out for certainty, stability, and most importantly, a source of self-confidence that I could truly call my own. Since those early days, yoga has continued to weave its magic throughout all aspects of my life and has helped shape who I am today. My gratitude for this beautiful and timeless practice continues to bloom with every intentional breath.

I believe that yoga is so much more than a series of poses or a great workout. I believe that by moving our physical form in concert with our breath, we are able to quiet the autopilot loop in our brains and reach the spaces within our minds and our energy that are all too often over-looked or ignored entirely. I believe that, within those spaces, we can find our deepest and most authentic selves.

My goal as a teacher is to guide students in a practice that challenges their curiosity, ignites their energy, and leads them down a road less traveled.