Amy Meldrum

Hi, my name is Amy and I completed my RYT200 through MI Hot Yoga in the Spring of 2018. For me coming to my mat is about new beginnings. My mat holds me up when I feel tired, beat down or just plain broken. Yoga allows for me to be present and to feel the connection with my breath. Breath is such a beautiful thing as it can heal the mind, soul and body. Allowing time and space for myself has taught me that I can settle my mind.

I always wanted to take my practice to the next level but just never thought I had the time or wasn’t “good enough” to become a teacher.

But the stars aligned for me January 2018 and my life changed forever! To be honest I had no idea what was going to happen after YTT. But during the process something changed, a seed was planted. I realized just how much I love my practice and what it does for me. I love how it makes me slow down and take time for myself. I have always been a “doer” or a mover and a shaker. I would get my meditation in motion from cycling and running. But found that I was always moving to the next thing and not necessarily staying present with myself and letting go of thoughts. Yoga and meditation encourages me to stay present on and off the mat.

A hamstring injury sidelined me for a bit and brought me back to yoga. It was then that I realized that I need both yoga and cycling in my life. For me they go hand in hand. Being a cyclist means that I am by no means a pretzel yogi :). However, with patience, practice and grace I have been able to explore spaces in my body, expand my flexibility and let go of any expectations.
With that being said, I like to extend that in my classes. I offer a safe, non-judgement space. A place where ANY BODY can find their breath and movement. I encourage exploration of the soul, mind and self while you are on YOUR mat. And hopefully you are able to find some gooey nugget to carry with you until you are able to come to your mat again.